Steve Black

Executive Director, BNI West & South-Central Texas
& Founder of Referality, Inc


Referral Maker ~ Optimist ~ Public Speaker ~ Cat Herder ~ Brit, part Texan

About Me

For many years I have helped hundreds and hundreds of businesses develop systems and strategies to get new clients through referral marketing and this blog was created so that I can help even more people.

Originally from England, I moved to Texas in December 2000 and started working for a local convenience store chain, first managing one of their stores to eventually moving to Area Manager and then Training Director, but the ultimate goal was to own our own business. In 2005, Lisa and I started Appearance Plus offering custom window treatments and window films in the Central Texas area. It was from there I found BNI. Actually, I was invited to a BNI Visitors Day by a local Interior Designer, Anne Frugoni and I must admit, that joining BNI was the best business decision I have ever made. After that our window treatment business just grew and grew.

Following nearly 10 years of growth through local business referrals in my BNI Chapter offering window treatments, I was excited and fortunate to be able to buy the West & South-Central Texas franchise of BNI. I loved the BNI System, the BNI Core Values and the ability to help business professionals in West & South-Central Texas get new clients through the power of referral marketing, just like I had.

Starting out with around 50 members in South-Central Texas, I am proud to say I now have over 300 members and those members passed over $50 Million in referral business to each other in the last 5 years. Creating an average seat value of just under $30,000 in extra business for each member every year.

At the time of writing this (December 2020) all my members are meeting virtually to ensure they can still build relationships and pass referrals and they have continued to pass referrals to each other worth over $10 Million so far this year. I was so excited to see the BNI System transferring online to ensure our members were able to continue growing and getting more referrals and my passion is to help as many businesses as I can.

I am always excited and so inspired by my family and the people, businesses and friends I have. Thank you to each and every one of you for being a part of my life. Long may it continue! I hope everyone stays safe and prospers.

My biggest goal is to eventually learn how to say “y’all” correctly and by the time I retire, I’m hoping all y’all will be successful and happy 😉.

BNI Traditional

BNI is not only the world’s largest business networking and referral organization, but its culture, which is built upon the philosophy of Givers Gain®, is unique. This is a culture of caring about giving business and building reciprocal business relationships. Find out how BNI West & South-Central Texas can help you grow your business.

BNI Online

BNI created the system and has now transitioned the system to the online platform. If you have trouble committing to in-person meetings because of traveling, or out of town clients, find out how BNI online in West & South-Central Texas, can give you the tools you need to network virtually.

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